CH Alliance the global
consulting network,
offering best of breed expertise
for the Financial services industry.




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The Alliance network

Francfort, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Genève, Hong Kong, Londres, Montréal, New-York, Paris, Singapour, Madrid, San José, Lugano, Dubai, Johannesburg, Casablanca


5 Key Facts


1# Leveraging an international network to offer members the opportunity to manage broader, bigger projects or specialty product implementation for their international FS clients, fully integrated with innovative work methodologies (Lean Start Up, ECHO, Creative Design).

2# Recognized expertise in Digital Transformation (Robotics, IA, Data Analytics, Blockchain), but also leading know-how in Risk Modelling, Finance, Compliance and Financial Crime.

3# Leading advisers for Tier 1 Private Equity investors both in Fintech/Insurtech and in traditional players (banks, investments funds, brokers, IT software providers).

4# Full coverage of the key Financial Services sector business lines, offering cross-fertilization opportunities and augmented benchmarking capabilities for Capital Markets, Lending, Retail Banking, Consumer Finance, Wealth Management, Insurance and Reinsurance.

5# Exclusive Swiss branding, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit of members willing to work in Open Architecture mode, to innovate together and deliver brain synergies.