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Success Stories - Bearded Alchemist LLC

Bearded Alchemist LLC

Building a small business takes time, commitment, and focus – especially when it comes to developing new products. 


Javier Perez is the founder of Bearded Alchemist LLC, a company that manufactures handcrafted, all natural beard products such as beard oils and beard balms. 


In addition to the many hats of a small business owner, Javier – who spent two decades working in medicine – develops his own beard-related products. That means he spends a lot of time in the lab, working with all-natural ingredients to create the perfect blend of aromatic essential oils and carrier oils. 


As the business grew, so did the number of calls and enquiries reaching Javier’s phone...


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Success Stories - Novacore Wrestling LLC 01

Novacore Wrestling LLC

Gia Gordon is the General Manager for Novacore Wrestling LLC, a professional wrestling company based in Colorado. 


As General Manager, Gia oversees all aspects of the organization's operations, which means her time is always in demand. By trusting the company’s incoming calls to Alliance’s Live Receptionist service, Gia can free up and utilize her time more efficiently. 


She feels the receptionists who handle the company’s calls are part of an extended team. 


“They're very friendly, they're very knowledgeable, and it's like they're the employees that we went out and hand-picked. It's like they’re sitting right there in the office.”...


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Success Stories - Global eTelligence LLC

Global eTelligence LLC

Ron Kubiak is the founder and CEO of Global eTelligence LLC, a business and legal consultancy based in Fort Worth, Texas. 


Ron spends much of his time consulting directly with clients and experts on complex cases and travelling to meet with attorneys. That means he’s not always available to take calls or manage appointments. 


“I don't want my cell phone blowing up all the time. I'm not a huge company, I don't have 500 employees – I have one, an executive assistant that I wouldn't be able to function without...


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